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We know what we can achieve with our cleaning systems and we explain our expectations to you before we commence any work, that is why we can guarantee 100% satisfaction.

STANDARD STEAM CLEAN:  for the budget conscious but still retaining the quality workmanship we are known for.  This process is ideal for light to medium soiling. A hot pre-spray is applied then the Hot Water Extraction process is commenced.

TOP CLEAN:  Step up to this great clean when your carpets need that extra bit of attention, great for those heavier traffic areas such as passages and the childrens bedrooms. When you have this superior clean your carpets will receive a shampoo after the pre-spray has been applied then a Hot Water Extraction is performed.

Restoration Clean:  is truly the Ultimate Carpet Cleaning Process that will help transform the appearance of your carpeted rooms. If you have light coloured carpets or you think they are beyond saving you can't go past this ultimate cleaning process.

Step 1:  
We thoroughly vacuum your carpet to remove any loose particles of dust, grit and dry soils, this also helps to separate the carpet pile.

Step 2: 
Any areas on your carpet that look to have stubborn soiling are first spot treated.

Step 3:  
Your carpet then receives an appropriate hot pre-spray treatment which goes to work on breaking down any oily residues and soiling that are trapped in your carpet fibres.

Step 4:
To make the pre-spray treatment work even harder a rotary shampoo machine is then used across your entire carpeted area this ensures every fibre is treated and all soiling is being released.

Step 5: 
Now that the soiling has been released from the carpet fibres we then use Hot Water Extraction (steam clean) to remove unwanted soiling and pre-spray treatments.

Step 6: 
Hot Water Extraction does leave more moisture in the carpet fibre than Low Moisture Clean so for the Restoration Clean we offer a free rotary bonnet pad treatment to help speed up the drying process.

Due to time restrictions this is only available upon request when making the appointment for this premium clean.

Step 7: 
Our carpet is then groomed to lift and realign the carpet pile helping it to look uniform.   Grooming also allows air movement within the pile so that moisture can be released more readily which in turn speeds up the drying process.

After a Restoration Clean you will have carpet that you can proudly show off.  Not only will it look fantastic with its shine it will smell fresh and clean and be luxuriantly soft to touch and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your carpets have had a premium clean.



We Offer You a Choice Dry Cleaning & Steam Cleaning