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The number one reason for conducting our Odour Removal service is for the persistent odours caused from pet urination in the home.  We can also help remove and deodorise for odours that linger in your carpets as a result of long term smoking inside the home.

These odours cling tightly to fabrics and require professional cleaning in order for them to be removed which is where Executive Carpet Care Odour Removal service can help.

Pet Odours

Housing pets in your home can have its disadvantages.  Accidents can occur on your furniture and carpets and if left untreated can become a health hazard to you and your family.  After a time unpleasant odours will begin to released from the saturated areas and become noticeable to anyone who walks in the room.

[Pet Odours] It is impossible to completely remove urine stains and smells by normal household cleaning.

Executive Carpet Care use techniques to either remove or improve the odour of your urine stained areas.   It can be a big job to remove the odour completely but we can guarantee 100% removal.  It’s up to you how much odour you can tolerate and so to what degree of removal we perform.

URINE CONTAMINATION - In this instance the carpet was lifted and a treatment applied to the CONTAMINATED carpet backing then extracted. The face of the carpet received the same treatment then an anti-bacterial and pre-spray were applied a steam clean was then performed , turbo driers were used to speed the drying process then the carpet was re attached. 100% success was achieved.

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Housing pets in your home can have its disadvantages.  Accidents can occur on your furniture and carpets and if left untreated can become a health hazard to you and your family.

Why does the strong Odour occur?

One of the main components of urine is Uric Acid which leaves the body at a pH of 5-6 (acidic). When urine begins to dry, it changes its hydrogen content and forms crystalline salts, which takes on an alkaline pH.

The color change that we so commonly see on carpet occurs because the urine oxidizes and reacts with the carpet. The strong ammonia smell comes about as the urine goes through chemical changes and the build up of bacteria.

Bacteria rapidly multiply in dark, warm places. The bacterial growth and breakdown or urine creates amino acids . These complex organic compounds will often work deep into the fibres to a point of becoming part of the fibre itself.  This can present a challenging situation for cleaning.

[Cigarette Odour] Executive Carpet Care Odour Removal Service

Our fully trained Odour Control technician, qualified through the Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute, will be happy to come out and undertake a full inspection.

The technician will explain to you what is required for the job and is able to provide a cost estimate before any work commences.  If you are happy to proceed they can generally carry out the work straight away.

The Process for Odour Removal

Step 1:  Urine Detection

We need to locate all areas that the urine has made contact in order to clean it up and effectively remove the odour.

If the urine is fresh we will use a moisture detection device to ascertain how far it has penetrated the underlay and how much has spread below the carpet pile.

If the urine has dried we use a black light device to detect its spread.  Often we find urine patches and traces on curtains, walls, upholstery together with the carpet.

Step 2:   Visual Inspection of Carpets

It may be necessary to lift small sections of your carpet in order to see the amount of damage that has occurred.  Urine can not only penetrate the carpet, but also the underlay and the floor below.  All surfaces may need to be treated to effectively remove the odour.

Step 3:   Relaying the Carpet

Re-attachment of the carpet can in most cases be relaid by your technician at the completion of the odour treatment.

Step 4:   Full Written Report

For insurance work, a full written report will be sent to your insurance company along with our invoice.  If they require photos we will provide these also.

To find out if you are covered for odour control in your home contact your insurance provider.  Often inside pets are not covered under standard insurance policies though odours resulting from spills caused by children and household accidents may well be.