Suffering from Hay fever

Have you ever thought it could be your living environment that could be attributing to you misery. Regular cleaning of you mattresses & soft furnishings as well as carpet can help.

How We Remove Ugly Mattress Stains:

Step 1:  Pre-Inspection
Step 2:  Thorough vacuum
Step 3:  Treatment of spots and stains
Step 4:  Application of cleaning agents
Step 5:  Shampoo of cleaning agents
Step 6:  Professional Steam Clean or our Low Moisture Clean

Optional Step 7:  Protector application
A professional application of Protectors are also available at an additional charge.

Your mattresses is one piece of furniture that you and your family use everyday and it is subjected to many and various soiling agents that if left unchecked could become a hazard to your health.

We Offer You a Choice Dry Cleaning & Steam Cleaning


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Problem Soiling Agents

Skin Flakes ( great for dust mites )
Drink Spills
Body oils
Pets (if you allow them in bed)
and much more… you get the picture!

Executive Carpet Care’s Mattress Cleaning service can remove or greatly improve all these soiling agents and leave your mattresses clean, looking brighter and smelling fresher than ever before..

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