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We Offer You a Choice Dry Cleaning & Steam Cleaning

​​Using this Dry cleaning method allows us to use 95% less water than the Hot Water Extraction method yet still achieve amazing results.
The pre-spray contains stain resistant agents.
The anti-soiling agents provide extended soil resistance after the cleaned area has dried which will enhance the efficiency of dry soil removal when you routinely vacuum.

Step 1: 

We thoroughly vacuum your carpet to remove any loose particles and dry soils, this also helps to separate the carpet pile making the next step more effective.

Step 2:  Pre-Spray Treatment

Step 3:  Rotary shampoo

The carpet is then expertly shampooed using a specialist rotary machine.

Step 4:  Grooming

A grooming brush is then used to lift and realign the carpet pile.  This process allows carpet to look uniform. air to move freely through it allowing moisture to be released more readily which in turn speeds up the drying process.


The end result is great looking carpets that smell fresh and are soft to the touch with the added benefit of carpets & upholstery that dry quicker.

Tailored to YOU!  We Truly Believe One Cleaning Method DOES NOT Suit Everyone.
Which is Why Executive Carpet Care Offer Both Low Moisture and Hot Water Extraction Cleaning Methods.

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