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Nail polish removal

Some problem staining is labour intensive and requires a lot of patience as well as expertise, what seems to be straightforward to the untrained eye can quickly turn into a disaster. So if you are unsure of the "treatment procedure" call a Professional.

Before and after of a water damaged lounge suite

The sooner a stain removal treatment is performed the more successful the outcome .

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The exact method used for stain treatment will depend on the type of stain, the type of carpet or upholstery, as well as any self cleaning you’ve already performed on the stain.

Specialised stain treatment and removal is a skill that requires specific training and equipment.  Many carpet cleaners do not possess these skills, but Executive Carpet Care technicians are fully trained in Advanced Stain Removal techniques.

Let our professional technician rejuvenate your lounge suite or carpet from those unsightly stains.

Some Stains Require Special Attention!

The standard cleaning processes used by Executive Carpet Care are capable of removing the majority of household soiling.

But there are some types of stains however that require special attention in addition to standard cleaning which is why we offer Advanced Stain Removal.



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